Sunday, 28 October 2012

9th Week Update

How far along
9 weeks + 2 days

Total weight gain/loss
Zero (thankfully, already have enough weight)

Maternity clothes:

Stretch marks:
Just what I already had

Horrible. I wake up to pee multiple times during the night and my hips hurt.

Best moment this week:
Telling my Dad and Step Mom that I was pregnant.

Do gas bubbles count???

Food cravings:
I don't have specific cravings. There are days when there is one specific thing I want, but not a continuous craving.

Food aversions:
Eggs, and the smell of onions. I can smell them a mile away and I don't like it.

Frequent urination, nausea, little more hungry than normal

Not finding out

Belly Button in or out:

What I miss:
So far, not missing much

What I am looking forward to:
My ultrasound on Thursday

I don't feel like I have had one yet.

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