Sunday, 28 October 2012

9th Week Update

How far along
9 weeks + 2 days

Total weight gain/loss
Zero (thankfully, already have enough weight)

Maternity clothes:

Stretch marks:
Just what I already had

Horrible. I wake up to pee multiple times during the night and my hips hurt.

Best moment this week:
Telling my Dad and Step Mom that I was pregnant.

Do gas bubbles count???

Food cravings:
I don't have specific cravings. There are days when there is one specific thing I want, but not a continuous craving.

Food aversions:
Eggs, and the smell of onions. I can smell them a mile away and I don't like it.

Frequent urination, nausea, little more hungry than normal

Not finding out

Belly Button in or out:

What I miss:
So far, not missing much

What I am looking forward to:
My ultrasound on Thursday

I don't feel like I have had one yet.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

7th Week Update

Today I am 7+2.

Not too much to update really.
I got the phone call from the hospital about my ultrasound, which will be on November 1. I will be 9+6 on that day.

It is going to be a very nerve racking time until then. I think weeks 8-10 will be the worst, because of my last pregnancy going horrible during this time.

I still haven't heard from the Midwives, which I should have by Tuesday. I guess I will call on Monday.

My boobs are getting worse, which is making sleeping more difficult. Nausea was going away, but seems to be creeping back. I think it just depends on the day. I am having aversion to some foods. My husband made a fried egg the other day, and the smell of it made me want to throw up!!! Tonight I made pot roast in the slow cooker  and went to have a nap when it was cooking. The smell of it when I was waking up was not pleasant  It tasted fine, just smelled yucky! I am definitely sleeping more. All I have wanted to do is take a nape all weekend, so I did :) A new thing now is that I am hungry like every 3 hours. This is not good because I was hoping to gain very little weight, as I am plus size already, but at this rate I will be huge!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012


So yesterday afternoon I went to my first prenatal appointment with my family doctor. She was so excited that I was pregnant, because my sister is also pregnant right now, and because she knows how much I have been trying, and that it happened so quick with clomid.

She told me that my first US would be a while from now, unless I wanted an early one, which I jumped on in 2.2 seconds. I told her that I wanted one for piece of mind, and to rule out the chance for multiples.

They only have dopplers at the doctors office, so she would have to send a request to the hospital for the US. She is asking one for 3-4 weeks from now.....seems SOOOO far away to be honest! I have a feeling that the first 12 weeks of pregnancy are extremely slow for everyone. 

I am still waiting to hear back from the Midwives. They did tell me it would be 2 weeks, which means October 9, as the 8 was a holiday, but nothing yet. 

Sigh.....more waiting.

I got a bit of a scare tonight and it is making me very nervous. I went to the bathroom, and there was some brown spotting/mucous in my underwear. Nothing when I wiped. I am having no cramping. This is how my miscarriage started. I am not sure how I would be able to handle another miscarriage. It would hurt me so much.

My doctor told me that if there is any bleeding to call her. If by Thursday morning there is nothing else, then I think I will be ok. If there is more, then I am going to call her. I WILL NOT go to the ER again. That was one of the most horrible experiences of my life and I am not putting myself through that again.....ugh!

Keeping my fingers crossed and high hopes

Sunday, 7 October 2012

6th Week Update

First off....

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!  to those of us in Canada!! :)

ok, now my update.

Today I am 6+2, and to be honest this week has been pretty boring.

My breasts definitely hurt more this week than they did last week. Stairs are still not my friend, and lying in bed and squishing them is painful.

Cramping has lessened. Still there sometimes, but not much to really worry about. Honestly I think some of the cramps are are gas pains. Speaking of gas.... I have never wished I could fart as much as I do now. I know I know, way more information than you really needed but's tied to a symptom. I am still so constipated. I haven't had a bowel movement since like Wednesday at the latest. It is now Sunday morning.

That's pretty much it for symptoms, at least what I can think of right now.

I am still waiting for a call from the Midwives. They said they would call me in 2 weeks, which is Monday, but I'm impatient. Especially since Monday is Thanksgiving here in Canada, so I wont get a call earlier than Tuesday.

I called my GP and asked about getting a prenatal appointment, and to see if it is possible to have an early ultrasound. My appointment is on Tuesday, so fingers crossed that they will book one for me. I want one partially because I'm nervous about having another miscarriage, so maybe having an US between 8-10 weeks will ease my mind, as long as I hear the heartbeat. I also want one to rule out multiples. The midwives where I live consider multiple pregnancies as high risk so they will not take you on. I would like to know this right away, so I don't waste there time or mine, and I would like to have appointments booked with my GP then.