Saturday, 10 November 2012

Doctor's Appointment

I had my doctors appointment with my GP on Tuesday. At this appointment I was able to find out how far along I am based on my Ultrasound. Apparently according to my ultrasound that I had at 9+6 I was only 9+1. I am not accepting this date.

For this cycle I was, I was tracking my BBT, using OPK, tracking when we had sex, and I took clomid. I know exactly when I ovulated. I know that it is impossible for me to be 5 days behind, because you kinda have to have sex to get pregnant, and we didn't 5 days after I ovulated (or 4 or 3 or 2).

My doctor is very much into tracking cycles, so I told her this, and told her the day I ovulated. I said that we had sex 2 days before and 1 day after I ovulated. Because of this, she is moving my due date from May 31, to June 1. This I am ok with. She is keeping the June 5 due date in her back pocket. If I end up going late (because both me and my sister were 2 weeks late) and everything is going fine with the baby, she will move my due date to put off possible induction :)   She is awesome

I got to hear the baby's heartbeat this week which was AMAZING!!! I didn't get to hear it at the US, which was crappy. My baby is really low. She had a hard time find it, until she went really low, and pointed the doppler more downwards. It was 175bpm :)  This appointment I was 10+4, I don't think I would have heard it had I been 9+6 like the US says.

My next ultrasound is on November 23 for the prenatal screening. I cant wait to see it again......and to see how big it will be then!! :)

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