Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Throw Away the Birth Control

I got married to my husband, J, on June 27, 2009. After our honeymoon in July, we decided to throw away the birth control and jump on the TTC wagon. At this point we had already been together 6.5 years, and the timing felt right.
Pretty much from the get go I started tracking my BBT. In the beginning my cycles were pretty average, 28-30 days long, and I thought "Perfect!! I should get pregnant in a few months no problem".

After a few cycles, I noticed a few symptoms. I had gained about 40lbs in 3 months, even though I had not changed my eating and exercise habits. I noticed that I was growing more facial hair above my lips, started getting skin tags, and my cycles were gradually getting longer and longer.

January 2010, on day 34 of my cycle, I decided to test .... BFN. Day 42.... BFN. Day 53....BFN. Day 57....BFN. Day 69....BFN. 

On day 71 of this cycle, after 3 days of spotting, I got a very very faint BFP. It was so faint, to this day somethings I wonder if I did see anything at all. I also wonder if it was actually a chemical pregnancy....to this day I don't know 100% for sure. 
Finally after 74 days, AF had arrived. She hung out for a while. She was like that annoying houseguest that wont leave.....for 54 DAYS!!!! I knew something was not right. That is a long time to go without AF, and then a long time to go with it. It was time for me to see the doctor.

In May 2010, a few ultrasounds, and some viles of blood determined that I had Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome with Insulin Resistance. I now had an answer, but was worried that this meant an even longer road ahead for me. I was convinced that I would become pregnant in less than a year....and at this point 10 months had already passed.

Seven months later, and still no change. At this point I was put on 1000mg of metformin. I noticed by the second cycle that it had helped my cycles. They became more consistent and shorter (more like 32 days).

After 4 cycles of taking metformin, in April 2011, I FINALLY got my BFP!!!!

I was beyond excited that it had FINALLY happened for me! Family who had been waiting even longer than us to have children were ecstatic! They were all ready and excited for a new family member. I felt like everything had finally fallen into place.

At about 9.5 weeks, I noticed that I started spotting brown. Immediately I started to panic inside, but didn want to show that I was scared on the outside. After 2 days of this, and it starting to get a little heavier, I decided it was time to go to the hospital. I was there for 15 LOOOOONG hours, when I was finally told that I had a miscarriage, and the baby had only developed to 8 weeks. :(

It was hard to take, for me, J, and our families....but it was something we had to get past if we were going to continue to TTC.

Not much has gone on for me since then. A few months ago I went back to the doctor about getting a referral to see a Fertility Specialist. I assumed it would be at least a year wait, but fortunately for us, we have an appointment this Friday! I am hoping I am a candidate for clomid of femara. I feel like I have a chance to get pregnant if my body can ovulate.

Fingers Crossed!!!!!

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