Saturday, 22 September 2012

Overdue Update

I have been a bad blogger, and have not been able to find the time to sit and write. It probably doesn't help that my computer has been in for repair for a week now UGH!! but that is another story.

Now for my TTC update.
For about just over a week now, while at work I have been feeling just... off.
At work, I have been feeling a little sick. Not like I was going to vomit or anything, but just not well. My heartburn was also worse than normal.

By the time I get home from work (after working 12 hours) I used to be able to stay up a good 2 hours before going to bed. Lately, I get home and within 45 minutes I am crashing on the couch. I go to bed, and can only sleep for 2 hours at a time, then up for 30-45 minutes, then sleep for another 2 hours. This was really making working 12 hours difficult.

On CD27 - 12dpo, my BBT temp plummeted from 36.87 to 36.48, and below the coverline. The next day the temp raised very very slightly, and my CM was tinged brown. At this point I accepted that my first cycle on clomid was a failure.

On CD29 - 14dpo, the day before AF was due, my temperature jumped right back up to 36.89. I didn't have any of my normal AF symptoms, like cramping, so I thought I would use a cheapie to test.

The test was very faint, but the line appeared right away.
I got dressed and drove to Shoppers immediately to get a couple tests. Went home, tested again and this is what happened..................

I am so excited and nervous at the same time. This is my first pregnancy since the MC i had in May last year. I am worried that it will happen again.

So today, I am 4+1 and due May 31, 2013.


  1. Girl! This is awesome. Congrats lady!! Praying that this is a happy and healthy pregnancy and you get that take home baby!!