Friday, 3 August 2012

$100.00 Baby

I was way more nervous about my appointment than I had to be.

I got there about 220pm for my 230pm appointment. I expected to sit in the waiting room for a long time, but was called back within 5minutes.
I sat in the actual room until about 250, when not my actual Fertility doctor came in, but a resident. This didn't really bother me, as I seem to always see a resident for something. She was uber nice, and easy to talk to, and didn't even mention my weight which I thought would be an issue.

We started by her getting some of my background information; how long have we been TTC, are my cycles normal, has J had a sperm analysis, etc etc etc. It would have probably been a good thing if my family doctor had forwarded a little more information over besides my referral letter, basic blood work and that I have PCOS. The clinic didn't even know how I was diagnosed with PCOS.

After our talk, having a full exam, and pap, and the fact that my cycles are actually pretty regular, her and the my Fertility doctor decided that going on Clomid would be the best for me! :)

I went and picked up my prescription, which has cost me $100.00 for three months, as well as my Rx for Metformin (which my doctor only gave me one months worth which makes no sense). I am on CD11 right now, so I just missed out on using it this cycle. The plan is for the next cycle, to take 50mg on CD 5-9, and to make sure we do what needs to be done on CD12 - 20. On CD 24, I am to go back to the clinic and have blood work to check my progesterone levels; to make sure that I actually ovulated.

If I don't get my period by CD40, I am supposed to take a HPT - who the heck is going to wait till CD40....really??!???!. If I get a negative, then I call the clinic to see if I in fact ovulated. If I ovulated, then I try again with the 50mg, If I didn't ovulate, then I try the next cycle with 100mg.

I have an appointment in December to follow up if the Clomid doesn't work for me and if I end up not ovulating. At that point they will see if there are other issues, like blocked tubes etc.

I hope in the next 3 cycles this works out for me!!! A $100.00 baby will definitely be worth it!!!

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